Create your first payrun

Watch below video tutorial on how to create your very first payrun. 


Video tutorial


If you don’t like the video or need more step-by-step instructions, then continue reading.

1. Click on Payroll > then Add New 

2. From drop down select the client/business 

3. Enter pay period start date, pay period end date and pay date > then click on Next 

4. In step 2, select employee you wish to include in this payrun > then click on Add PayRun

Payrun should have been successfully created. You can now make changes or add pay details for each employee.

To add or edit pay details:

1. Click on edit icon under Actions. This will open the employee’s payslip or pay record 

2. Click on Add New and from the Pay items pop-up select on the pay items you wish to add to the employee’s pay slip > then click on Save Changes. You can enter Quantity and Rate in the Pay items pop-up to set the values or you can enter them on the employee’s payslip. 

3. You can update Quantity and Rate by clicking on the values > then click on tick icon to save/update

4. Review the details on the payslips. When complete click on Back to go to previous page and select other employees 

5. To update status from Draft, from Actions drop down select Ready to Submit.