Enable STP using your AusKey

To submit payroll data to the ATO, you will first need to enable STP. This is a one-time only setup. 

To enable STP you will need your software ID (a unique 10 digit number) and our (Myaccountant’s) ABN (81610976719). 


If you access ATO’s Business or Tax/BAS agent portal using an AusKey, follow the steps below to enable STP.

Step 1

Note down your 10 digit software ID. You will find your software ID by going to your profile.


Step 2

Go to https://www.ato.gov.au/ and from the Login as drop down select Access Manager and on the next screen click on Login.



Step 3

Select your AusKey from the drop down and enter password to login.


Step 4

On Access Manager dashboard, from the left hand side menu, click on My hosted SBR software services and then click on Notify the ATO of your hosted service.


Step 5

Enter our ABN 81610976719 in the ABN field under Search for a hosted SBR software service provider and click Search.  You will find Myaccountant appear in the list. Click on the ABN to select Myaccountant.


Step 6

Add your software ID – the 10 digits and then click Next.


Step 7

Click on Save to confirm.


Step 8

You should see Active under Notification status.

You can now start submitting payrun data to the ATO.